Entry #2

What else should I be? All apologies.

2013-08-09 22:07:22 by xxxcreep

Sorry guys. I really haven't been posting much at all and I haven't drawn in a long time.
I've been in a long video game/youtube trance.
I find myself forgetting to pick up a damn pencil and a piece of paper.

But the good new is...Pearl Jam in November.


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2013-08-10 00:21:42

We'll never forgive you. •—•

xxxcreep responds:

My heart has been broken :'( you dun broken mah heart


2013-08-10 00:22:09



2013-08-10 01:09:36

I'm sorry, I think.


2013-08-10 02:43:31

Aww happy birthday! Do anything special?
Noticed your work on Drawing Grounds.. was that done with a mouse? Amazing stuff!

xxxcreep responds:

My birthday was in march, but thank you xD
Yeaa it was done with a mouse xD i have the worst mouse pad ever, i could do better than that if i could just find my tablet pen. Thank you tho lol


2013-12-11 17:20:53

I can relate to the video game/youtube coma... well, not the video game trance, as of late - no real PC or console to play on :( Still, you can draw while the Tube plays.

Oh! How was Pearl Jam, you finally get to go? We're getting old, gotta stock up on all the good memories we can, while we can :3


2014-02-19 20:24:44

hi qt ;)


2014-10-09 20:35:22

my woman and i missed pearl jam. we love pearl jam, kinda don't like you now

xxxcreep responds:

If it makes you feel better, the setlist wasn't mindblowing. But they did play All or None :D


2015-03-07 20:32:55

Where did you go!? D:

xxxcreep responds:

Im transferring to a university real soon so school has been controlling my life as of lately lol


2015-03-14 16:13:08

Ah gotcha. Soooo. Hows life been?

xxxcreep responds:

pretty awesome! How about yourself?
Btw, is the grunge club dead?(pun intended). I went searching for it a few months ago and couldn't find it :(


2015-03-14 18:31:31

Thats good to hear. It's been really uneventful on my end. I've gone to some shows since we last chatted but thats pretty much it. Also my gf and I are "taking a break" or something for now. We live hours away from one another and don't see one another for months and it's been putting a strain on things....

Nah. Just people who frequent it don't really post there anymore. Dunno why.


2015-03-30 15:46:09



2016-09-19 23:33:36

Hey, you still check in here every so often? Found some of your work on Drawingrounds (again), thought I'd come back and see what's up.