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Eden Eternal neeeews

2012-12-12 00:18:09 by xxxcreep

So I've been playing Eden Eternal alot :o
I love this game and I've been working quite hard to become an Illusionist. So guess what...
I'm an Illusionist now. I'm so proud. :o

Eden Eternal neeeews


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2012-12-12 18:21:36

When did you submit art? o.O

Also I've never played that ._.

xxxcreep responds:

Around when I joined I think :o I need to add alot more as soon as I take pictures of it. I have alot done that I haven't posted. ALL of grunge musicians(Go figure)

Eden Eternal is pretty fun! Its an MMORPG and you get to pick from a variety of classes, and go a bunch of quests and dungeons. I love the art in it.


2012-12-13 10:18:11

I see....I have art uploaded on here ._. but it all sucks xD

Eh MMORPGs aren't really my thing ._.

xxxcreep responds:

Its free :o Thats the best part about it haha


2012-12-14 00:02:33

Eh its still not my thing ._.
The only type of RPGs I play are stuff like Final Fantasy and whatnot.


2012-12-16 15:37:34

chaaaaaaaain keep us together
(run into the shadows)
chaaaaaaaain keep us together
(run into the shadows)
chaaaaaaaain keep us together
(run into the shadows)


2012-12-16 23:37:51

You haven't watched hokuto no ken. The fuck. It's the God of anime. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????!?!?!?!?


2012-12-20 16:01:58

I was actually surprised that you knew who Pushkin is. Are you into poetry?


2012-12-25 12:47:40

Merry Christmas


2012-12-28 15:46:16

I like your new icon xD


2012-12-28 23:38:34

What's the premise of this game? The art style is interesting.


2013-06-17 22:13:30

Teenager strips and plays with dildo on camera. Father walks in.
Dont know how longer it will stay up!

xxxcreep responds:

I am NOT going to fucking click that link. but thanks anyways?


2013-07-18 10:00:57